Landscape and mobility

The establishment of green and blue corridors combines well with the development of pedestrian and cycling trails, and it is also an opportunity for the community to cross agglomeration maps climates and ecological coherence schemes. Thus, one of the actions from Annecy Community association Energy and Climate Territory Plan seeks to create synergies between nature and trails that aims to:

  • Provided sufficient fresh wells, well distributed in the territory and of good quality,
  • Impulse a mobility dynamic that supports pedestrian and cycling paths, together with ordinary nature,
  • Link mobility trails and ordinary nature,
  • Create a network.

Four indicators are proposed:

  • Trail linear mapped, planned and realized,
  • Number of housing and jobs within 500 ml of a path,
  • Attendance by the population,
  • Sustainability of freshness wells.

This action is part of a coherent set built on the animation based on several working groups, each covering specific themes, and resulting in the creation of an action program.

At wider scale, the project on the Nervion River banks, Spain, aims to regenerate the landscape associated with the river and promote ecological connectivity between different cities through which the river. Nervion river is located in a valley of a region with hilly and mountainous terrain, resulting in a concentration of industrial land and urban infrastructure in the flat areas. The project was implemented in several phases, with the development of alternative modes axis (pedestrian-cyclist) following the course of the river, and connected to the network stations. The aim is to regenerate the landscape associated with the river and promote ecological connectivity between the different cities where the river passes (E-CLIC Case Study # 32, Nervion River).

Linear Park Nervión: Development of an axis soft modes connected to the network stops between the cities of Llodio and Delika (Source: Elena Gomez Chico, Parque lineal en el alto Nervión)

Elsewhere in Europe, Sperrins Gateway develops walking trail and /or multi use trail like Ulster Way, Old Dublin road access, gate and pillars enhancement, including Moyola river access work with the Moyola Angling Club, Moorland habitat restoration works for the native red grouse at Lough Fea and grey partridge at Megargy, and Heritage skills programme restoration and conservation of small built structures (stone pillars, small lime kilns, milk stands etc.).

The municipality of Colmenar Viejo has also created a dense net of walking and cycling paths all over the area that connect places of cultural and natural relevance with the village. Together with these routes there are many heritage restauration projects going on linked to the places that have been made accessible through the routes. And Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, other HERCULES case study landscape, is now a major step of Via Rhôna, a bike tour from Lake Geneva to France’s Mediterranean beaches !

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